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Review systems

The Rushmore Group (Rushmore) review system is designed to facilitate a comprehensive process review that builds quality into the administration of the reviewed programs. We offer a reliable mechanism for capturing relevant information permitting the identification of issues throughout the agency’s staffing hierarchy; summarizing and presenting detailed, in-depth findings with respect to the root causes that accompany workflow challenges; providing a broad array of management reports to support managerial decisions and the development of corrective action plans; and finally, permitting the measurement of improvement over time as initiatives are implemented.

Rushmore’s web-based software solution supports the quality assurance activities of agencies responsible for administering a myriad of programs. Our user-friendly review format permits the gathering of very specific and measurable information thereby allowing the accurate identification of the root cause of the problem(s). On line edits prevent data entry errors and background edits validate reviewer entries ensuring the reviews are accurate and complete.

Rushmore’s review system ensures the gathering of accurate information that supports and facilitates the development of strategies that are targeted at the verifiable cause of the problem(s). Encoded in the system is demographic information relative to each review protocol, the program reviewed, the overall review finding, the status for each element identified for review, and the causal factors associated with each element that was found to contain a deficiency. From this repository of information, reports are generated to measure, monitor, and support continuous quality improvement.

Some attributes of the system include: 



Leveraging technology to enable simultaneous gathering, compilation, and reporting to support and facilitate analysis of data critical to remediation and system improvement

Modern Structure


Enabling discovery methods that are continuous and ongoing and can be conducted on site or remotely.

Abstract Architect


Engaging workers and supervisors in quality assessment activities by providing tools for assessment and data analysis.

Tin Wall


Providing a methodology for the county to have consistent and reliable data by which to benchmark and improve performance.

Metal Shine


Providing an additional level of detail in the quality assessment process that goes beyond “what went wrong” to identify the nature and frequency of the underlying causal factor(s) critical in formulating corrective action strategies that support and sustain true improvement.

Modern Architecture


Offering a targeted review option to maximize efficiency of resources, monitor new or changed policies, and focus on error-prone elements.

Abstract Architecture


Offering both standardized reports and ad hoc reports that can be created by general users

Design Concrete


Allowing designated personnel to add/edit many of the fields on the data entry screen, such as elements, causal factors, and review types.

Abstract in BW


Conducting re-reviews to validate review findings, confirm integrity of the review process, and assess supervisor policy knowledge.

we specialize in providing the following services:
  • Adult Protective Services

  • Application Management

  • Appeals

  • Call Center / Phone Observation

  • Child Care Services

  • Child Support Services

  • Child Welfare Services

  • Eligibility/Benefit Programs; SNAP, Medicaid/CHIP, TANF, Energy Assistance, General Assistance

  • Employment Services / Welfare to Work

  • In Home Support Services

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