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Leveraging technology to enable simultaneous gathering, compilation, and reporting to support and facilitate analysis of data critical to remediation and system improvement

Modern Structure


Enabling discovery methods that are continuous and ongoing and can be conducted on site or remotely.


The Rushmore Group, LLC offers clients a wide range of consulting services our practice is primarily, although not exclusively, focused on providing assistance to public sector entities. We offer a portfolio of services across a broad range of functional areas, from assessments of work environments and processes to strategy development. It is our goal to encourage and support the implementation of organizational change directed at encouraging practical, doable, and understandable business process workflow improvements. Rushmore is guided by a firm and unwavering commitment to provide services that focus upon identifiable goals and metrics that subsume both immediate and long-term perspectives. It is our desire to encourage organizational transformations that provide a solid foundation for today’s success as well as a platform for progress into the future.

In today’s rapidly-changing and technology enhanced world, customers, businesses, and taxpayers expect government to improve upon their performance and, as a part of these improvements, to implement new capabilities for service delivery. In pursuit of this goal, Rushmore believes that public sector entities are best served by adopting and deploying those business practices that have proven records of success in the private sector. Concurrently, it is clear to us that high performance capabilities are no less important in the public sector than in the private. Indeed, there are examples in the public sector, such as Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT), supporting the delivery of social service benefits, where process improvements were so substantive and accompanied by such significant impacts that they can only be deemed as being representative of the most advanced and highest level of performance enhancement.

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